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Feel the four seasons
in the magnificent nature of Bettei Soan

  • spring
  • The snow of Mt. Aso will melt, and the plants will also sprout.
    The coldness of winter gradually loosens, releasing the buds and flowers bloom and make us a beautiful scenery.
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  • summer
  • When the rainy season is over, short summer of Aso begins.
    You can feel cool wind blowing across the greenery and you can see very clear river water and a lot of clouds in the blue sky.
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  • autumn
  • When the short summer is over, autumn quickly comes.
    The clouds are high in the sky, the sunny pampas field gets a shining, silver glow and it represents a symbolic landscape of autumn in Aso.
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  • winter
  • When the colorful leaves of autumn disappear, winter comes in silence.
    In addition to the cold mountains, winter brings a light cover of snow.
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