We created a new style of hot spring resort town
with a broad selection of villas.

In the majestic nature of Mt. Aso, there are 8 villas with its own hot springs, distinctive style and special characteristics, such as European style, traditional Japanese style, Japanese Sukiya style (which incorporates a number of tea ceremony house features), and Japanese modern style in Bettei Soan. Some of them are flat villas and others are maisonettes.
Each villa has 2 guest rooms, so we offer 16 guest rooms, with a wide possibility of choices and semi-open-air hot springs with its unique characteristics.
You would spend your time in luxury at Bettei Soan.
Bettei Soan is the supreme private space where you can feel seasonal atmosphere of Aso with all your senses. Bettei Soan can guarantee that you will enjoy a superb holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Map of hot spring town Yurin Tsukinoshizuku Eboshi Kijima Sagano Azumino Sobou Unsui Yukinoshita Warabino Hakuun Asagiri Nagomi Goryoukan Romankan Yusui

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