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熊本南阿蘇、温泉旅館・別邸蘇庵・数寄屋風建物【雲水】うんすい  二階建て 和室八畳 二階洋間寝室(ダブル) 檜風呂(露天風呂) デッキテラス付き  趣向を凝らした「美」の十六夜風呂 鎌倉時代から室町時代の茶室様式から発展した数寄屋の手法を用いております。

Enjoy the view from the Moon bath and plunge into the beautiful Aso scenery

雲水写真 玄関 雲水写真 寝室 雲水写真 客間 雲水写真 温泉

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Interior and Exterior

【Living Room】

Japanese Sukiya style villa.
Japanese style Sukiya luxury villa which developed from tea ceremony's room, was popular from Muromachi period to the Kamakura period.

【Semi-Open Air Bath】

Enjoy the view from the Moon bath.


The bedroon is on 2nd floor with beautiful view of Mt. Aso. A king sized bed (230cm×200cm)

For attaining serenity during your sleeping time――。

Bettei soan is providing best beds for peaceful sleep.
We use Italian mattresses (made by Magniflex company). They are springless, with ideal elasticity. Our guests often asked us what type of mattress we are using, because of their high quality.
Quilts are made of PrimaLoft Products, which is a supplier of high-performance insulation materials which are replacing feathers. The features are lightness, heat-retention and structure of the material doesn't permit invasion of ticks and dust. Please have a nice sleep!

Information about the room


air cleaner, humidifier, dryer, trouser presser, LCD TV, kettle pot, tea set, refrigerator, safe

rental equipments

wheelchair, dvd player


yukata (light and casual kimono), haori (jacket-like cover), towels (hand towels, face towels, bath towels), toothbrush, lotion, hair tonic, hair liquid, after-shave lotion, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer


Japanese-style living room, Western-style bed room with a king-sized bed, Moon bath (half outdoor bath ), balcony  :  Size of the guest room is around 60 ㎡.  ※Twin bed size: W 150cm x L200


2~4 persons